Welcome to the Bows for Bowe Blog. This site is dedicated to supporting the family and friends of Bowe Bergdahl. We would like to let his family know that people around the world have not forgotten that their son is being held as a P.O.W. in Afghanistan.

Please take a picture of a yellow ribbon/bow near something that represents where you are on the planet, or something symbolically meaningful to you and email it to bowsforbowe@comcast.net. We will post it to this site. Please feel free to leave a short comment as to where the picture is from or why the location you chose is meaningful to you.

You can view the collection of Bows for Bowe by clicking on the link on the right side of this page entitled “Bows”.

We hope to be able to show his family that the support for their son is spread far and wide across this country and the globe. Let the Bergdahl family know they are not alone as they wait for the safe return of their son.


57 responses

2 12 2009
jani bergdahl

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. It will be so great to see photos from around the country and the world showing support of Bowe. The family appreciates you.

22 06 2011
Earl Hayes

I am Earl L. Hayes. Navy Vet. (1981- 1984). I am just doing my part for a BROTHER IN HARMS WAY. I will not leave a brother, Though i was Navy and He is Army, we are all Brothers and Sisters. I Realize that all this was Begun before. I am here to help Kick it back into High gear. Here are the Pages and groups that have been started. God Bless to you, The Family, To all the people who know and Love him, and to the members of each of these groups


“YELLOW RIBBON CAMPAIGN FOR BOWE BERGDAHL” – – Can we start this (Again). I realize this was Previously done in 2009/ 2010. We Need to get the Nation Involved again. Until He Is returned home safe to all that Love him.
Link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_162324147168467

Day Of United Prayer For Bowe Bergdahl –
Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=138024612941067

STATES REPRESENTED SO FAR… Ohio., Kentucky., Tennessee., Massachusetts., Missouri., New York, Arizona., Illinois, Kansas, California, Nebraska, Nevada, West Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, Indiana, Texas, Hawaii, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado,


PARTICIPATION: There will be a Prayer posted on this Site (Event Page). All You Have to do to fulfill the requirements for the event…”RECITE THE PRAYER & POST THAT YOU DID”………….. THAT’S IT.

Captured in Afganistan – Bring Bowe Bergdahl Home!! – Open Group — EarlHayesAdmin@groups.facebook.com
Link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_219316378100233

3 12 2009
Cheryl Peterson

Praying for Bowe day and night. Hoping for his safe return home.

5 12 2009
Jean & Dick White

We are unable to provide an appropriate picture but wish to let Bowe’s family know that we hope and pray for his safe return home at the earliest possible date. Bowe is in our minds constantly and we can only imagine how difficult it must be for his loved ones to go from day to day wondering and worrying about his whereabouts and his safety. We live in Everett, WA and send our best wishes to Bowe’s family and friends. (Karen Parrish is our daughter and Lauren Parrish is our grandaugher. We appreciate their effort in letting Bowe’s family know of our support for them.)

Jean & Dick White

10 12 2009
Mark Selin

I recall learning about Bowe’s capture on the news and was just reminded of his reality by a friend. I don’t personally know Bowe or his family but can only imagine how challenging it must be to ride the emotional roller-coaster between anguish & hope on a daily basis. My family and I pray for the safe return of Bowe and all unjustly detained service people this holiday season.

17 12 2009
Matthew Bergdahl

Though I don’t know him, I think about Bowe everyday. He is my cousin and not much different in age than myself. From what I have been able to gather, he sounds like a thoughtful, earnest, generous, and talented young man. I look forward to meeting him one day and sharing a bit of our lives together. My friends and co-workers ask frequently of his well-being and each time my heart breaks in not being able tell them anything new. And that is when I think of his family (MY FAMILY) and my heart goes out to them. You are in my thoughts and I wish you strength and love during this holiday season.

From Santa Cruz, California – Love and Support for PFC Bowe Bergdahl!

23 12 2009

I’m not American, I’m Taiwanese actually, but I’m really concerned about this. When the first time I saw the video, I cried…I keep thinking about the missing soldier, and waiting for the further information about the soldier. I hope U.S government can do something for the soldier and the family, I will do my part, I will keep praying for the soldier and his family too. I believe the God will with him.
God Bless U.S Troop.

23 12 2009
Tony Carvalho

We are in support of our troops and seeing them come home safely. the news of the ne video is very ecouraging from Ca. we are praying for Bowes safe return Tony

25 12 2009
Jennifer LaBonte

This has to be a hard season to go through knowing that your son is a prisoner over in Afghanistan. We heard about Bowe on the news & we personally feel that it’s a tragedy that he hasn’t been released yet. Our prayers go out to your family & to Bowe. I will be sharing this sites with many people. Sorry I don’t have a picture of a yellow bow right now.

Paul & Jennifer LaBonte
Payson, AZ

25 12 2009
SSG. Douglas M. Ducote Sr.

To the family and friends of PFC. Bergdahl, may God bring you comfort in your time of need. PFC. Bergdahl is an inspiration to every one who has ever worn a military uniform! I pray we find you soon brother. A special little message to PFC. Bergdahl’s captors: It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but trust me….our God trumps your Allah, and your time is limited.

Staff Sergeant Douglas M. Ducote Sr.
United States Army Aviation (Ret.)

25 12 2009
Wendy and Calvin Kremin

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and with Bowe. As a retired miltary family, we are so saddened by his capture, but have faith that God can do anything. We will continue to pray for his safe return and that he will feel the strength of so many praying for him. We also will pray that you will have peace in knowing that their are so many who support you in this most difficult time.

Major Calvin Kremin
Wendy Kremin and family

25 12 2009
Jamie and Ken Nezbeth

Please let Bowe’s family know that we are praying for his safe return to the United States and I hope Bowe is going to be ok…we live in Warren, Ohio and I am forwarding his website to all the members of the Ohio Chapter of the Combat Veterans Association so we can all do our part to pray for his safe return…God Bless Bowe and his family…you are in our thoughts and prayers!!!!

26 12 2009
Joshua E.

Pfc. Bergdahl:
I just prayed for you & will continue to do so until you descend from that plane, kneel, & kiss American soil.

27 12 2009

I will keep you and your family in our thoughts.

27 12 2009

Dear family of Bowe Bergdahl:
You have no idea of how grateful I felt when I found this site on the Web. I finally could let you know that my heart is with Bowe and you. Since July 2009 I have had a sign and yellow ribbon in front of our house saying “Bring Bowe back home”, sometimes, drivers going by honk the horn. This sign will stay there until Bowe comes home. About a month ago, I called our Oregonian Newspaper and asked the reporters who wrote the article about Bowe last July if they had any news about him and they said “No, we don’t have news”. So seeing him just a few days ago in the news, my heart was pounding. At least, we know that he is alive.
Please keep your faith up, he will come home!
Prayers are constantly with Bowe and you.
God bless you

3 01 2010
Glenda in Tennessee

I received the invitation to post here from Betty White and I am so thankful that I did. I think of Bowe and his family everyday and pray for his safe return home. Praying for his safety and that God will provide him the strength to endure this time until he can return home. For his family, I pray that they can stand strong together, keeping the faith that he will be home well and soon. For those responsible for his release, I pray that they have the wisdom and compassion to send him home soon.

6 01 2010
Jodi Walbaum

In the last few years our family has endured one of life’s greater challenges both as a family and as individuals. My sister endured three strokes which left her partially paralyzed, and she lost her ability of speech. At the time the stroke occurred her and her husband had just been granted adoption of a new born and she was only 6 months old. The reason I am telling my story is that although tragedy struck my family and life has been loaded with, at times overwhelming challenges. But one thing it has taught me is that it isn’t the challenge or the situation that will define us. It is the attitude and thoughts we send out that define us and I believe also determine how our lives will be when we come out at the other end. I chose to find ways in which made things doable, and in the situation with Bowe, my best advice is to continue to believe, even when the world goes pitch black and you feel your calls for help are only echoes against the blackness, find a way to believe.
Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing in the airport holding a bouquet of yellow balloons and surrounded by supporters holding huge yellow ribbons as you all wait at the end of the airport gate to see Bowe appear as he departs the plane that has brought him home to you. Your stretching your neck to get the first glimpse of any movement or shadow you can see from the doorway that will soon reveal your beloved Bowe, finally back home, your heart feels your sorrow, frustration, helplessness, yearnings, lamentation, and agony begin to disperse and fade to nothing. Consumed by the hardship put upon you and your family you are taken back by emotions revived by the departure of hardship on your soul. Although familiar the duration of their absence made them seem so far out of touch they became an unattainable faded memory. But now they rush almost overwhelming you,

yes I think……..
I see……

Is it?
Yes! Yes!
It’s true!
It’s real!

It’s Bowe,walking through the gate door to the hallway at which your standing at the end. What a wonderful feeling to be reacquainted with joy, happiness, gratitude, contentment and the return of wellness. Bowe sees you and begins to run down the hallway to you! He’s safe and he’s finally home.
This is the sort of scenario you need to begin to envision. Make it a point to take time each day and envision him coming home, conjure up all the feelings that come with his homecoming and allow yourself to really feel them. Believe in your vision as if it has already come to fruition and you are just recalling the moment as if it was a memory.
I whole heartily believe we have the power to attract and bring into being by the energy and beliefs we put out to the world in our daily thoughts or inner voice if you will. Bottom line is no action can come into being without a thought first. So it is only logical that we have the power then to choose and control the actions in our environment.
Instead of being overwhelmed by grief or tragedy which has been put upon us without cause or reason unjustifiably. Unfortunately hardship at times is part of life’s journey, but we do have the choice in which we deal with and react to it.
Just as your inner voice starts to visualize our days tasks or activities giving us a snapshot helping us plan, anticipate it along with looking forward and feelings of excitement or dreading and feelings of aversion and apprehension are formed. Well haven’t we mindlessly been creating our reality by the way in which we visualize and predetermine the days events sometimes even before we get out of bed and our feet hit the floor. Then it isn’t so far fetched this belief of mine. Our thoughts create action and action becomes reality.
Lets make it a reality that Bowe comes walking down that gate and is engulfed in yellow ribbons!
I have Bowe’s stickers everywhere. I have three on my car, one on my fridge, one in my bathroom, one in my TV room, one in my bedroom where I do my make up/hair so I see his face numerous times in my everyday living. I did this with the purpose of his picture being my trigger to visualize him first alive, safe and enduring his current situation, second to trigger me to visualize the events that lead him back home ending in what has begun to give me such joy in my day as I visualize his homecoming.
In my visualization it’s like being a fly on the wall, I’m not actually in attendance when he is reunited with his family and loved one’s but I see all the details of it and look on as his mother weeps with joy as she hugs her son and can’t let go of him almost apologetically she continues to touch him on his arm, his back, even holding the arm of his sweatshirt that is tied around his waist as he greets others.
I end my visualization by seeing the article headlining “Bowe’s Home” in the edition of the Idaho Mountain express. I am in such anticipation for the day it becomes a reality, and I have no doubt that it will, for my thought has become so vivid I can literally feel it gaining power and energy.
It is coming,
it will happen,
Bowe is coming home!

6 01 2010
Kristin Anderson

I see many posts here and on Facebook that talk of prayers and thoughts, which is wonderful. However, what is being done to bring Bowe home? Does anyone know the family’s wishes in regard to getting the State Department involved and getting as much press as possible to keep Bowe’s situation top of mind? Do they want assistance in getting people in power involved? I’d like to see a grass roots movement that keeps pressure on our elected officials to get him back from these barbarians.

Does anyone have additional information from the family?

28 01 2010
Kim Wright

I am a member of an organization called Rolling Thunder…we are spread across America with a member base of over 300,000, all US veterans and active duty servicemen and women. MIA/POWs and their issues are our main concern.

Please contact our organization:

Kim Wright
Rolling Thunder NC Chap.7

16 02 2010
The Croys

Although we have not met Bowe, we care deeply for the Parrish Family who we know feels very much love for him. We pray for Bowe’s safe return home to his family. It humbles us to know that there are young men and woman risking their lives to protect us and the courage they have to do so. Our hearts go out to the entire family and we hope our prayers give you strength to get through this horrible ordeal. We look forward to the day when we get the news of his safe return.

17 02 2010
Michael Robert Patterson

We are all hoping for Bowe’s release from that terrible enemy and the sooner the better. I wanted you to know that I have been writing, e-mailing and calling political officials, military officials, etc, since July 2009, urging them to step up the efforts to find Bowe and to get him released, returned to America and to his family. We have not forgotten and we WILL NOT forget!

17 02 2010
Florence Grant

I also am praying that God will open the door to Bowe’s release. I will also pray that everything possible is being done to effect that release.

My prayer: Father God, please open the prison doors and release Bowe from his captors. Release him well and sound, please Father. Please give those responsible for getting him released courage, perserverance, wisdom, and reveal to them whatever they need to know to set him free.

18 02 2010

I just want to let you know that Bowe is not forgotten, your plight will never be forgotten. Our troops leaves no man behind and are working endlessly to reach Bowe, that you can be sure of. Prayers are with you all.

18 02 2010
Pamela Caron

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers!! I will not forget!

18 02 2010
Catherine Siewick

I learned of this website from Michael Robert Patterson. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bowe. We pray for his mental and physical health and his safe return to his loved ones and to this Country that he has so bravely served.

May God continue to bless you and keep you.

18 02 2010
Heather Nicole Reese

I want you to know that Bowe and the rest of your famliy will be in me and my family’s thoughts and prayers! I will place a yellow bow on my front door and keep it there untill he is returned home safe and sound, physically and mentally. May God Bless and keep you in your time of need and always!

19 02 2010
Carl Roberts

The power of visualization and the universal law of attraction is not to be underestimated. You all MUST ‘live’ his return on a daily basis (first thing in the morning & last thing at night) I know it sounds a little gaga, but trust me on this… it works.

If you would like help going through this please contact me at c.roberts@infinite-results.com

I am an ex british soldier with 15 years service. I am currently in Afghanistan in support of the Military effort here and i can assure you that every effort is being made to secure Bowe’s safe release.

If you do nothing else… Never stop believing that he will return home to you.

God bless you all

19 02 2010
Mickey Arnette Bryant

You and your family are in our thoughts, hearts and most of all our Prayers.
Bowe will not be Forgotten.

19 02 2010
Cindy Upchurch

our family’s prayers are with the family and friends Bowe stay strong he will need you when he comes home

21 02 2010
Jan Abdelkhalek

My heartfelt thoughts are with the Bergdahl Family & Friends. Please know that many many many people are praying for Bowe’s continued health, courage and safe return very soon.

May God bless you and give you the strength to endure this long wait for him–it hurts to even imagine what you are going through.

Our nation is proud of Bowe and can never thank him enough for his service in defense of our freedom.

5 03 2010
Sandi Snead

Words of comfort and support abound across this great country for this wonderful young soldier and his family. I too have an unsaitable need to do whatever I can to aide in Bowe’s return. There is no way the plight of this man cannot grip one’s heart. I make phone calls, send emails, and write letters to anyone I think could possibly help, and sadly never receive any responses. I feel Bowe should headline all news outlets every day, and have contacted people to ask why is it that he has all but disappeared from all news genres. To the Bergdahls, our nation waits with you and we will all rejoice when Bowe returns. God Bless.

17 03 2010

I will continue to keep Bowe and his family in my thoughts daily. My 19 y/o son is deployed and serving our country. He is not currently in a war zone, but after Fort Hood and back to 911 we know that they need not be in active war zones to be in harms way. I can only cry when I think of his mother and her grief of not knowing….when…but if we have anything to do with getting him home, I feel by sheer will and prayer he WILL be home soon. He has been on my mind more recently. Our arms are wrapped around Bowe…he is safe.

9 05 2010
Sandi Snead

To Mrs. Bergdahl, America sends you a Happy Mothers Day. We cannot fully understand what you are going through, but our hearts and prayers are a constant vigil for you and your family. We have not forgotten your wonderful son, nor will we. God bless you aech and every day.

9 05 2010

My prayers are with Bowe and his family. I feel such grief for Bowe’s mom on this Mother’s Day with no knowledge of her son’s fate or even his true whereabouts. I will keep them in my thoughts and my prayers daily until this young man returns home. May God Bless You All!!

12 05 2010
Rachel Kristyniak

I don’t have a picture yet, as I just came upon this from one of my Theta sisters…but…I will have one soon. I have not forgotten the men and women fighting for our country and I thank the Lord for people like Bowe. I pray to God that he feels our compassion and love and that it gives him strength to carry on another day. I know he is not alone and that the Lord is with him and carries him through this time. May God bless him and his family and safely return him to your arms.

24 06 2010

I don’t understand why the media and the government isn’t paying attention to this. The news cares more about Lady Gaga than this brave soldier that needs to come home.
My thoughts and prayers are with you Bowe & your family. Godspeed.

1 07 2010

I was just reminded by a friend that June 30th was the date that Bowe was captured. God bless Bowe and may he keep him safe. My heart goes out to his family and I pray that he will be home soon!

8 12 2010

I am tech idiot, so can only add my voice and my heart as I stand in faith with all who love Bowe.

I also write on Bowe whenever news becomes available (as it did today…)

24 04 2011

Bowe is not forgotten! My prayers are with Bowe, his family and his friends on this Easter Sunday! May the Lord bring him home soon….

24 04 2011

Linda- Thank you. On this Easter Sunday our faith is renewed and we continue to pray to our Lord that he may bring mercy to the hearts of Bowe’s captures and give Bowe strength to carry on. Your thoughts and prayers are gratefully received. May the Lord bring him home soon-

25 04 2011
Sandi Snead

Bowe you are not forgotten, we will continue to hold you in our hearts always. Is there no one who will champion this cause and bring this young mans plight to the fore front of America’s conscience?? How very sad that we have no real leaders anymore………..To Bowe’s family and friends we still pray for all of you everyday, God bless.

8 05 2011

I know today must be an especially painful day for Bowe’s mom and I would just like to wish her peace and love on this Mother’s Day. I still continue to offer up prayers for the safe return of her son Bowe. God bless all of Bowe’s family and friends!

8 05 2011
Sandi Snead

Once again our heart felt Mother’s day wishes go out to Bowe’s mother. America has not forgotten you and yours, we remember you in our prayers daily. God bless…………………..

9 05 2011
Ric Manfredi

I am the father of three active duty soldiers. The nightmare you folks are going through must be unbarible. We have Bowe in our prayers everyday. We pray for his safe return and warm homecoming. Lets hope the CIA can use their technology to find our American Hero and BRING BOWE HOME !!

3 01 2012

God will !!!!! Therefore do not fear nor be dismayed, the Lord your God will save – yes, HE IS mighty to save. Joshua 1:9 – Have not I commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Now – speak it – see it – say it – hold it – pray it! It shall be done unto you as you say. Blessings in abundance of yellow ribbons – from Texas – the yellow rose state!

28 03 2012
Jon Rene Stephen

Honoring Bowe and his family on his 26th Birthday. Am praying he will be home before his 27th………this site is awesome and am glad a friend posted it on FB. Sent in my picture showing my support for Bowe. BRING BOWE HOME!!!!!!!!

Jon Rene
Anacortes, WA

7 04 2012
Marsha Perkins

Dear Bergdahl family,

I just want to add my support here for you and for Bowe by saying that I am praying for him and for you. I belong to a little Southern Baptist Church in East Texas (http://bethanybaptistcushing.org/site/as/Index.asp) and we have Bowe on our military prayer list and pray for his safe return. I wear a POW bracelet for him daily and will until he returns to you.

May God protect him from harm and bless you all.

4 05 2012
Jackson Greene

Dear Bergdahl Family,

I saw a coworker wearing a Bowe wristband, he explained to us about who Bowe is and that he is currently the only US POW held in Afghanistan. He explained in great detail the news on Bowe’s condition and it struck the heartstrings deep inside me, it reminded me of my Grandfather who was in the Korean War. My grandfather’s B-25 plane was shot down near the North Korean/Chinese border, narrowly escaped capture and was eventually rescued by a Canadian regiment after being on the run for more than a week with little no food.. he was lucky to survive but he told me heartbreaking tales of the thousands of US servicemen MIA or POW in North Korea and likely held for decades and forgotten about, sadly it’s probably too late for them as my grandfather is 81 now and doubts his fellow airmen who escaped the burning plane survived the years of harsh labor camps but Bowe still has his life ahead of him.

It’s because of those stories that my Grandfather told me about Korea that I felt I could personally relate and was touched deeply when I learned about Bowe. So deeply was I touched that I realized many others around me did not know about this, they soon will as I ordered a Bows for Bowe ribbon magnet for car and plan to get another for my Grandfather’s blazer. Today I’ll be personally driving to his house to tell him the story about Bowe. I’m going to let friends and family know as if Bowe was an older brother, I don’t have a brother but I do have an older sister who lives next door to your state in Oregon and she will know too if she’s not aware yet.

God bless you and Bowe. May he be protected and kept safe. My Bowe ribbon is not leaving my car until Bowe has been brought back home safe and sound to your family.

Jackson Greene

Fort Collins Colorado (Bows For Bowe awarness growing here)

22 05 2012

Please let the Bergdahl family we are spreading the word on the East Coast and they and their son are in our hearts, throughts and prayers daily. Peace from New Jersey

11 06 2012
Deanna France

Praying for Bowe in Boise. Small ladies neighborhood prayer group trying to organize many churches to have united prayer day for Bowe and his family on Sunday, July 1, 2012.
God’s blessings to the family and all who are praying for Bowe.

29 06 2012
Tami ForBowe


29 06 2012
Tami ForBowe

LINK TO LIVE BROADCAST 6/30@12:00 TOPIC: POW SGT BOWE BERGDAHL http://www.americanheartsradio.com/ Google, BLOG,FB,Tweet,GOOGLE+

2 07 2012

Ocean Gate, New Jersey: Hundreds of flyers were passed out at our tiny town’s post office on the 30th in Honor of Bowe and the response warmed my heart and has given me Hope. Prayers for the Bergdahl family coming from the Jersey Shore. I am unable to post photo, but lighted yellow ribbon has been and will continue to be seen each night and yellow bows hang in honor every day. Prayers for strength, comfort & Peace to Bowe and his family.

16 12 2012
Michael Lawrence

A couple of weeks ago i was posting info. on criagslist concerning Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and i asked my daughter if she knew what i was doing and her reply was posting for that sergeant. Yesterday i was again posting and i asked her the same question, this time her reply was posting for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. If i can raise awareness in an 11 yo then i can and will continue to raise awareness everywhere i go. Peace to the family, you all are in our thoughts and prayers. the Lawrence family, Mt Juliet ,Tennessee

23 10 2013
Patricia Graham

We need to be relentless in our efforts to bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl HOME I would like to see yellow ribbons everywhere with his name, etc , so his imprisonment is foremost in everyone,s mind and priority list –all fifty states! If EVERYONE ends letters to the WHITE HOUSE we can create a stir that will be hard to ignore. We must get his name and plight in everyone,s face on trees homes , flyers, and Facebook ! Please help and get him home for Christmas ! Let,s all wear a yellow ribbon for him now ! THANK YOU !

7 02 2014
John Wang

I am Taiwanese I sincerely hope that Bowe Bergdahl could be home with his family soon! White House shouldn’t ignore this matter anymore.

3 02 2014
Dr. Sharron Larter Akers

McCain was seven years a prisoner of war, please God, Bowe has been five years plus now, there has to be a way to free him. How long must we pray?

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